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What will your museum look like in 2023?

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

By Maryke Benadé

Armed with new perspectives and experience working with only what is available during lockdowns over the past three years, what will museums look like in 2023?

From a communication perspective, taking messaging back to basics needs to be a priority. Remind people why the museum exists and its relevance to them and society. As much as museums have changed over the past three years, so have museum visitors. Those who still wanted to connect with the museum during lockdowns have experienced the museum differently than before.

Will people still visit the museum in person?

The move to digital platforms in the past three years changed how museum visitors interact with the museum. It has become more interactive and brings a new set of expectations. On the other hand, there is the potential for new visitors who see museums as a new place to visit after not visiting culture and heritage institutions for the past three years. It is an opportunity to remind the public why the museum exists and why they should visit. The ability to cater to visitors online and in the museum galleries will only strengthen the museum's place in society.

Make them aware of the museum

How each museum moves forward with this change in mind will depend on its mission, strategic goals and resources. However, if museums decide to incorporate what they have learned, communicating the social value of museums clearly and succinctly will be critical as they enter 2023.

Consider the following three basic communication tactics as a starting point:

  1. Communicate the museum’s purpose, mission, vision and value clearly and consistently in different ways both online and in the museum.

2. Find ways to communicate the part the visitor plays in the museum. Put the visitor at the centre while reminding them of what they have just experienced. For example, ‘We hope you enjoyed stepping back in time today!”

3. Continue to engage with visitors online once they have left the museum. Post on social media or add blogs to your website.

There are still several unknowns as museums navigate new territories. Though, I am sure museums will continue to maintain their place in society as a place that helps people better understand the world and each other.


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