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Huberta Consulting joins the Climate Heritage Network

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

By Maryke Benadé

Climate change continues to be a crisis that we need to work together to solve. While monumental and impactful changes are implemented at the policy level and in board rooms, the rest of the world also carries the responsibility and the ability to influence those changes. Through our actions and voices, we have the power to become one movement for change for good.

Cultural heritage sector and climate change

The cultural heritage sector has a unique opportunity to engage with people about climate change by connecting people and places with stories from the past through its collection. Research linked to the environment and thought-provoking climate-focused activities and projects.

As a member of the Climate Heritage Network, Huberta Consulting will work towards creating free resources that can aid in creating clear climate change communication strategies and connecting cultural heritage stories that are critical in the climate change conversation.

"The Climate Heritage Network (CHN) is a voluntary, mutual support network of government agencies, NGOs, universities, businesses, and other organizations committed to tackling climate change and achieving the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Mobilized in 2018 during the Global Climate Action Summit and launched in 2019, the Climate Heritage Network works to re-orient climate policy, planning, and action at all levels to account for dimensions of culture - from arts to heritage."

Cultural heritage institutions can create thought-provoking exhibitions to engage with the community about climate change. Photo: Canadian Museum of Nature.

Working together to create solutions

Outside of science museums, the collaboration between the science community and cultural heritage institutions can link the past, present and future with how we look after the environment. It can facilitate conversation between different cultural groups’ views on their traditional approaches to using natural resources, with the help of objects in the collection and oral history records. It can help create a movement that will have learnt from the past to understand how we got here and how we can come up with solutions together. Andrew Potts, CHN Coordinator says:

“On their own, CHN member organisations are implementing programmes, taking climate action, and doing climate change research. Together, through the CHN, they seek nothing less than to bolster a system of climate planning that is failing to keep 1.5 alive and deliver transformative adaption by filling a crucial gap – attention to the cultural dimensions of the climate emergency.”

Huberta Consulting looks forward to working with Climate Heritage Network members and other cultural heritage organisations to make impactful and meaningful changes through connecting stories and communities to take action on climate change.

Head to the Climate Heritage Network’s website if your organisation is interested in participating in this important cause.


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Photo: Huberta Consulting at the Canadian Museum of Nature.


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