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Huberta Consulting creates tailored communication plans to help museums promote their purpose, meet their objectives and communicate meaningfully with diverse audiences and create an engaged museum community.


A communication plan can ensure that you: 

  • communicate the right messages to the right people at the right time​

  • use the appropriate communication channels ​

  • measure the effectiveness of communication activities to meet the project's objectives.

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How can a museum benefit from a communications plan?

Reach your fundraising and donation goals with a clear message structure

Strategic messages can help you engage with potential donors in a clear and meaningful way.

Increase visitor numbers to a temporary exhibition

Communicate effectively and efficiently with a strategic content calendar that will help you communicate the right messages with your visitors at the right time. 

Receive more bookings for education programmes

Provide information tailored to schools through the right channels and best communication formats

Don't know where to start?

Hello, I'm Maryke Benadé, a Communications Specialist with eight years of communications and marketing experience in the museum, retail and healthcare sectors.

I am passionate about storytelling within museums and learning about history.

Having a clear communications plan, being resourceful and focusing on your strengths can help you work around resource limitations.
I can provide you with a tailored communication plan and helpful templates to start your museum communications journey. 



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